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Thursday, September 15, 2011


My cervix measured 1.1cm on Tuesday, and it's still closed. Faith measured 2lbs 13oz and looked super on the ultrasound. Yesterday we had another negative FFN test. So they discharged me from the hospital and I am back home on bed rest. We are working a schedule so that I am not home alone while DH is at work. That way we can get to the hospital as fast as possible and not have to wait for DH to get home first. This means my in laws are here. A true test of my patience that is for sure (Fox News all day, and incessant judging of our pantry and bathroom supplies. My house will never meet MIL standards) And so it goes.

I'm still having contractions but no more or more intense than they were in the hospital so I guess that means we're stable. I'm glad to be home, but miss the security of the hospital nurses and seeing my OB everyday. That's all I miss though.
29 weeks on Saturday.


Emily said...

welcome home. happy to read that they thought you were stable enough to go home. Sorry your in laws need to be there. I did LOL about judging your pantry and cleaning supplies. Wrong brand of toilet paper? Your choice of peanut butter not up to snuff?

Sounds like Faith is plumping up nicely. is she breech or vertex at this point. Just curious. My Titus is breech.

Thinking of you often.


lparsons15 said...

Welcome home! So glad you are stable enough to go home, that is amazing! Hang in there....

Good Timing said...

So glad you're home - nothing like your own bed, is there? Sorry to hear about the Ils! A good way to test your patience, right?? :) Come on Faith, keep growing!

Sue said...

Hooray for making it this far, and for getting to go back home. Good luck with the in laws. I know they'll take good care of you even if it's not so much fun having them around.