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Thursday, May 27, 2010

And so it begins....

I start my Cl.o.mid today... Yesterday I had my baseline scan and then learned how to give myself mena.pur injections. It was a little overwhelming but I know I can do this. I don't know how you IVF girls do it. This is my first medicated cycle with injectibles. My new clinic gave a detailed calendar and instructions. I love calendars and lists, so this gives me mucho comfort. Fingers crossed my follicles grow and we can trigger next Friday. Meanwhile I plan to keep my regular exercise schedule to keep my stress level down. Truthfully I am slightly terrified about this. One I cannot fathom dealing with another miscarriage but at least I know how to deal with that. What's more scary is what if this works? What if I make it to the 2nd trimester? Will my head explode? Will the world stop turning?

I know, I know, one day at a time.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

here we go again

We are on vacation right now it's raining so I am blogging. DH is out fishing in the rain, and I am waiting for it to stop so I can go on a run. I am one of those weird people who exercise while on vacation. Maybe it somehow cancels out all the beer. I ovulated early this cycle so it appears I will be start my period Sunday. This means we will begin our last try at having a baby biologically. So next week will be clomood rage followed by menapur, trigger shot and timed intercourse. Whee! Last week I met with a new OB. Dr. T (Thanks for the recommendation JJ) was great and agreed to monitor me through this process. I asked if I could bypass the happy baby package nurse appt. initially until it was clear I would make it through the first trimester. He agreed to that. That in itself is a huge relief. I've had that appt. too many times already. Once I have positive beta I will make an appt. for an intralipid infusion in Chicago. So I will keep you posted as we get on this roller coaster again. Maybe this time will be a better ending.

Oh... I found this beautiful necklace here on the island at a little gallery I always shop at. It' sterling silver with a dragonfly and this quotation etched on it "Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul. Grace must find expression in life. Grace glides on blistered feet. Grace is the refinement of your soul through time"

As always I am trying to find my grace.