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Friday, December 11, 2009

doctors, doctors, doctors

I went to see my PCP Monday for an annual physical. Of course they asked the questions about my RPL, which brought on the tears. I cannot seem to talk about this to people without crying. I have been dealing with this for almost five years and yet I tear up just giving simple medical information. I really like my PCP Dr. K because he is not prescription happy. He is open to alternative care, his sister is an acupuncturist and his wife owns a natural foods store. In addition is genuinely concerned about his patients and spends time with them.

After discussing my losses, the subsequent testing and depression. He did order to have my Vitamin D levels tested and my potassium levels at the cellular level. Surprisingly enough, Vitamin D is one thing I haven't been tested for. As I blubbered through the physical, he suggested that I write out my life purpose, and additionally make a list of the things that are really bothering me in my life and ask the question of each "Do I have control over this?" if the answer is yes then the next question is "What are you going to do about it?". He said to work on the things you can control and give the rest up to God. While I tell myself this daily it was good to hear it from someone else and I've never actually written it down. I am a firm believer in writing things down because then they are real. So this is a project I intend to work on this weekend.

In other doctor related news I found a clinic in SC that does IVIG and intralipid therapy, so at least that's closer to home (3hr drive) than NJ.
Dr. W in SC was great, she works with Dr. Coulam in IL for patients with RPL and immune issues. So I have a phone consult with her on Dec. 24th. This doctor is one of the leads in RPL and immune so I am super stoked about this. Also Dr. W did not think IVF was necessary and is willing to work with me. We will do a stimulated cycle with clomid/menapur and an HCG trigger with timed intercourse along with whatever therapy Dr. Coulam recommends in January. Hopefully this will be the answer to our prayers and if anything bring some sort of closure to this journey.