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Saturday, September 10, 2011


28 weeks today. 95% survivability. Whoo Hoo! I thought we'd never get here. Hello 3rd trimester. We had another stable scan this week, my cervix is still .7cm. Thursday the 15th we will do another cervical check and a growth scan of baby Faith. If my cervix stays the same the MFM and my OB will "discuss" the possibility of sending me home to bed rest. Mixed feelings on that. On one hand I want out of the hospital so bad, on the other I like knowing if anything goes wrong we are here already.

I failed the one hour glucose test Tuesday. I was so mad. However I did pass the 3 hour test. I feel for those who have to do that in the doctor's office. It takes forever but at least here I could take a shower, and play on the computer while I waited for the next blood draw.

I had another anxiety attack after my ultrasound. They left me in the room to wait for the MFM to come talk to me, and I had all these flashbacks of my last two miscarriages where the tech left me alone in the stirrups with my dead baby on the screen. I told the MFM I couldn't do that anymore and I would gladly wait out in the hallway for her, but just don't leave me in that room. The way it works here is that I know the day I will have an ultrasound but no idea what time. It's impossible for me to arrange it so I won't be alone. The MFM was nice about it, and said of course they would try not to leave me in the ultrasound room for very long any more. This time I managed the attack without medication.

Yesterday the social worker came again, and I didn't cry or even tear up. Go me. The health educator came too, and brought me some booklets and links on line so we can go through a virtual birth class. I'm still having contractions about 1/hour. Dr. T says that's normal and he's not worried.

I'm starting to feel like we might get a take home baby for real. I am in awe.


Good Timing said...

YAY - 28 weeks is great!! Here's to hoping you can remain that stable and rest at home. I get that it feels safer there and you are close if something goes wrong, but isn't there just something about being in your own home and your own bed?? Come on baby Faith, keep growing! :)
p.s. Posted some news and pics at my blog yesterday ;)

Sue said...

Woot! Congrats on making it this far. I hope you still have quite a while before you meet your baby.

Birdie said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Emily said...

Well done! Isnt it crazy to feel like you will get to take home a baby? I mean after your whole history, I know its been mind boggling for me.

I admit to crying when I read about your anxiety over being left in the ultrasound room. I know JUST how that feels. Being left alone with a 9 week fetus for over a half hour one time, totaly ruined those rooms for me. At my 15 week SCH scan they left me alone again, after saying nothing during the scan. I flipped out and wrote a nasty letter to the manager. I know how hard that is on the nerves. poor you.. dont let them do that to you again.


lparsons15 said...

Oh wow..I am so glad you updated! I was thinking of you this morning..28 weeks is amazing! I can only imagine how terrifying it is being left in the U/S room...Job well done, keep it up!

Panamahat said...

I am SO pleased!