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Saturday, September 3, 2011

27 weeks

It was been a long week here in the hospital bed. Monday I had my ultrasound and my cervix was the same length as the week before .7cm. We also had another negative fFN test. My contractions remain under control with the procardia. So good news all around and Dr. T says if I remain stable after 28 weeks I might be able to go back home to bed rest.

Emotionally Monday I was spent. I had a full blown anxiety attack and kicked a chaplain out of my room. I couldn't calm down, my heart was racing and it felt like a boulder on my chest. My nurse was a super star and took care of me, telling me that this was my house and no one goes through that door without my ok. To clarify the chaplain did nothing, her presence just set me off. I just do not have the mental fortitude right now to talk about anything other than what's happening right now. I cannot rehash my losses and explain my life to another stranger. They ended up giving me a xanax and after a couple hours I was good again. Dr. T. was understanding and good to me. He also gave me wheel chair privileges, so I can outside for 20 minutes a day. The rest of the week has been ok. My mom spent the day with me Wednesday, and DH has been coming in the afternoons and staying until I eat dinner. Dr. T went to the beach for the weekend so the other doctors in my OB practice stop by. I've not met any of them, but so they have been nice. Faith is now breech, which is good for my cervix bad for my bladder. Apparently she is training to be on the Olympic soccer team.

Tuesday I have my weekly cervix check and the dreaded glucose test. I really hope I pass that sucker, having to restrict my diet and be on bed rest would be beyond unfair.


lparsons15 said...

Oh so relieved for you...you are doing amazing! 27 weeks is great...I can't imagine how hard it must be for you, but you are doing great..Hope all continues to go well for you..Take Care!

JJ said...

Keep sending good thoughts your way -- I know Dr T will take care of you. Were you able to meet nurse, L? Shes great! Crossing fingers you get to go home at 28 weeks!!

Mrs. Lemon said...

27 weeks is awesome! I just found your blog, I am at almost 32 weeks and have been on bedrest since 16 weeks, I have been lucky enough to be at home but understand the fear and frustration. I will follow your journey! Rooting for you all the way!

Good Timing said...

This is fabulous news!! :) No change is wonderful. Hope the good news keeps coming and it would be lovely if you could go home instead of stay at the hospital. Grow baby Faith grow!! :)

Birdie said...

So glad you're stable and at 27 weeks!!!!

Stacie said...

Found you through L&F. Sending good thoughts your way. Many hugs!

(I was at 1.2 cm at 20 weeks, had an emergency cerclage, and delivered my twins at 28w 3d.)

May said...

Also here from L&F- did hospital bed rest starting at 24w4d with procardia, IV mag, fFN, funneling... Sounds familiar! My girl held on until almost 37 weeks. So 12 weeks of bedrest for me- It can be done.

bean dreams said...

Finding you through L&F. Good to hear bedrest is stabilizing everything. Best of luck through your journey to your little bean!