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Sunday, August 28, 2011


We are adjusting to our new hospital life. I'm getting the routine of the nurse shifts and learning who I like and who I could do without. Dr.T has come to see me everyday. That has really impressed me. Yesterday was his day off and he still came by. It was the first time we have seen him in street clothes instead of scrubs. They hook me up to the monitors three times a day to check on contractions, and the baby's heartbeat. Speaking of the baby we decided to give out her name, because so many people are asking and praying for her. Drum roll please...... Faith Elizabeth.. I've been calling her Faith for a while but now it is official. It's taken a huge amount of faith to get this far, so I think it's appropriate. So Faith looks awesome on the monitors, she is a mover and a shaker. Sometimes they have to hunt around to get her heartbeat and keep it on the monitor. When she is on the monitor and doing her thing it sounds like she is building something with saws and hammers because of all the static she creates. The nurses all say this means she is really healthy and strong. The procardia has really slowed the contractions. Dr. T says he might take me off of it and see how things go. That would be good, because it gives me a headache and makes my face flush. However I would rather have those things than contractions anyway. I have my cervix check tomorrow. I'm hoping for stable news. I also found out Dr.D who was my MFM during my last m/c has moved to this hospital and may be one of the doctors I see tomorrow. I really like her and it will be good to see a familiar face and one who is aware of our history. My history continues to haunt me. The chaplain and the social worker came to talk to me and of course they brought up my history of loss. I cannot go through that without just melting into tears, which made them put red flags up about depression and anxiety. Understandably I know that is a concern and I am practicing all my techniques to keep that at bay. Dr. T talked to me about antidepressants and I told him I really wanted to try to get to post partum before considering them. He told me to take it day by day and that I had already given up so much for this baby, my sanity did not need to be one of them.

So many people have called and come to visit. JJ came and I know that was hard for her to come back to this place where she spent some time. I really appreciated her coming though and sharing her experience of hospital bed rest and having Oliver with her as a great outcome. And she brought me a decaf vanilla latte from Starbucks that was heavenly. Thank you JJ.

I want to thank everyone for the prayers and positive energy being sent our way. It means so much and I believe it is helping keep Faith right where she needs to be.
26 weeks today! Goal is 28 weeks or more so we are making it one day at a time.


Emily said...

Faith seems perfect. We named our baby after we found out about his heart, even though it had always been our intention to wait and see how he looked like after he arrived. But naming him seemed right and Im glad you did too.

Im pleased you seem to be in good hands and impressed that your doctor came in even on his day off. Thinking good thoughts for your cervix check.

A decaf vanilla latte sounds lovely. You deserve whatever creature comforts you can manage. Hope you are eating well.

You can totally do two more weeks and then some. I know you would prefer not to do the SSRI thing. If you have been on them before and feel like they could help you, there is no shame in it.

love to you and faith and your family.

Good Timing said...

I agree that faith is the perfect name for her, it suits her so well. :). I hope she continues to grow for many more weeks and that you can survive the hospital stay. It sounds like you are under very good care!

Sue said...

Beautiful name. I hope you wait many more weeks to meet her, but that those weeks pass quickly and pleasantly. Sorry you're stuck in the hospital - I know that gets really old really fast.

JJ said...

Love her name :) So glad we were able to visit, and while I hope you are not there much longer, Ill be back to visit you again!