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Monday, May 23, 2011


DH says the baby looks like an opossum***. So that's our nickname. Opossum did great for the NT scan in that he/she flipped around and wiggled so much it took 4 trys for the tech to finally get Opossum in the right position to measure stuff. I was told to arrive with a full bladder and I thought it might burst before they could scan. When Opossum didn't cooperate she let me pee to my great relief. This was my first belly ultrasound. So unusual not to have to undress from the waist down. Everything came out OK, it looks like I have a 1/4500 chance of downs and a 1/7500 of spina bifida so that's a huge relief.

I did come up positive on part of the Toxoplasmosis test. Dr. T. said that meant I have been exposed to it at some time in my life, but not necessarily am I currently infected. So they are retesting in two weeks. That is a little stressful, but we haven't had a litter box in the house in over a year and that was when Oscar was strictly an inside kitten. I've had cats my whole life so I shouldn't be surprised that I have been exposed. But nonetheless its a little disconcerting. The other thing that happened during my pelvic exam is that Dr. T. said my cervix felt a little short, so I am to come back at 16 weeks for another ultrasound so they can measure my cervix. Last week in Chicago Dr.C. said my cervix looked great. So who knows. I am grateful Dr. T is concerned and keeping a close watch on my cervix, because next to miscarrying, my cervix is my biggest concern. I have had 4 d&c's and a septum resection so that is a lot of cervical manipulation. If I need a cerclage I want them to determine that sooner than later.

Dr. C has released me from her care, I will do monthly blood work to make sure my NK cells are playing nice but they feel I am through the woods now.

So I might really be pregnant and there is definitely something growing in there. It is amazing to me that there will be enough room for a baby to fully grow in there. It's also amazing to watch Opossum flip and turn and wiggle around. I did rent a doppler and I have been able to find the heartbeat each time. That has made me a lot less anxious.

**I think only baby opossums are cute, grown up ones kind of freak me out**


Panamahat said...

So glad to hear the news continue in a positive direction! I am pleased that a close eye will be kept on the cervix too, that is really important now. I'd be tempted to go in for a next check a bit earlier than 16 weeks even. Keep up the good work!

Emily said...

I agree that its so important to keep a close eye on that cervix. Do you really think having many d&cs' can play a part in having cervical issues during pregnancy?

Im pleased that your opposum seems to be thriving.

Stacey said...

Sending you lots and lots of good wishes and prayers! I'm glad to see that you're doing well and are in good care. I hope the rest of your pregnancy will be as worry-free as possible.

like.a.gown said...

Are you pronouncing the first "o" in opossum? Because I love it when people do that.

Your news about the toxoplas test sent me to the Wikipedia page for toxoplas whose explanation you might find reassuring.

Emily said...

We need an update Amy :)

starfishkittydreams said...

I am so excited for you. Moving to external ultrasounds is a big step and being released from the RE even bigger! I will be hoping and praying for you!