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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We were able to hear the heartbeat with a Doppler yesterday. My first non vaginal scan. The nurse, my mom and me were all in tears and my sweet sweet nurse Tracy said the most beautiful words "Happy Mothers Day".

My OB Dr. T came in next to see me and tell me it was time to plug into the regular pregnancy program. I asked him about how he saw my level of risk and he said once we are fully out of the first trimester he felt my risk level goes down, but I'm still high risk b/c of my age and potentially b/c of my cervix. I asked about a cerclage and what he thought. He said we have no reason to think your cervix will fail. I said yeah but I have never carried this far either. He said True, we will monitor and if it seems necessary 18 weeks is when they would do a cerclage. I asked about 16 weeks and he said lets just monitor. In the end he said "You still haven't bought into this, have you?.. that's ok some moms can't until they have that baby in their arms." I really don't know when I might feel more confident.

He also told me not to run out and buy a Doppler, that I could come in and hear the heartbeat anytime I started to feel nervous.

I don't think they want me there everyday so I am considering maybe renting one. Any suggestions?

Next week I fly to Chicago for my last infusion (hopefully). Dr. C says my blood work looks great, but she doesn't want to take any risks with me. I agree. Then on the 23rd I will have my first OB appt. and the early Down's screening ultrasound all in the same day.

In celebration yesterday I broke down and bought a bigger bra.


Emily said...

Hooray for a bigger bra. I rented my doppler from Belly beats online, very professional and they ship quickly. Fair warning though, Im 13 weeks and have used the thing several times, only found the heart beat once. These things just arent reliable at home before 14 weeks.

Im not totally buying into this whole thing either, but you know.. One day at a time. I will have a soaring, wonderful feeling after an appointment or scan, then crushing doubt a week or so later. Being put on the "regular pregnancy program" stinks a bit. No more special treatment.

If you want to chat,commiserate, or air any neurosis.. feel free to email me giantsquid000@hotmail.com


JJ said...

Are you still doing OK with Dr T? I know he can be a bit "upfront" but I always really appreciated it.

One day at a time is the only thing that got me through. And I needed Oman in my arms, too.

I rented one--I will email you the details--had no issues with it and having that doppler saved my sanity.

Sue said...

Glad you got good news and got to listen to your baby's heartbeat. I hope it's all good news from here on out. No advice renting a doppler, but just try not to drive yourself crazy with it.

Stacey said...

Sounds like a great appointment! I'm so glad you heard that reassuring heartbeat. We rented a Doppler (from BabyBeat) during week 15. I really did love having it around for peace of mind. I thought I'd return it once I felt the baby moving, but I decided to keep it all the way until she was born. Occasionally it would take a few minutes to find the heartbeat (during which time MY heart rate always increased), but overall I was extremely happy to have it.

Thinking of you!

Jacqui King said...

I hope you are still doing well and that the trip to Chicago goes well! It was very hard for me to trust my pregnancy until my son was here as well. But in retrospect, it was the longest and shortest 9 months of my life. My husband refused to let me get a doppler and while I had my many many many moment s of paranoia, I think it probably saved my some major freak outs of not being able to find the heartbeat. Praying for you that this all goes well!