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Thursday, May 5, 2011

maybe a little hope

I had an ultrasound on Monday and I measured 9weeks 2days, heartrate of 174bpm. They showed us the umbilical cord, and tiny hands and feet. It even wiggled around a little. This is more than I have ever seen before and the longest I have ever carried. My OB said it was time for me to get with the regular pregnancy program. I asked for one more scan next week and then I would do what he wants.

Afterwards the thought that maybe we were seeing someone else's baby on the screen crossed my mind. Even though that is stupid because there was a freaking wand in my vayjayjay the whole time, I still thought about it.

I have boob muffin tops coming out of my A cup. I'm afraid to buy a B cup b/c that could jinx things.

So they said they should be able to hear the heart with the doppler next week, but Dr. T promised that if they couldn't get it with the doppler they would give me an ultrasound. So next Tuesday is another hurdle, and hopefully I get through Mother's Day weekend in one piece.


Sue said...

Hope this Sunday is filled with hope and happiness rather than anxiety. And go for a new bra. It's not a jinx - boob muffin tops look bad.

Emily said...

My OB found the heartbeat with a doppler at 11 weeks, but no luck at 12,, and my bub is still VERY much alive. it is surreal to see a wiggling thing past the point where you usually lose them. Im amazed every day. How have you been feeling physically? puking much? Oh,, my point was that the doppler still isnt all that reliable at this point. get yourself a new bra or two! Im still sqeazing into my D's but I totally need a DD! ugh.. Ive also held off on the maternity clothes but Ive promised myself that I will break down at 14 weeks. Im cheating with a couple pairs of stretchy cotton pants and some long tops. Thinking of you often


Stacey said...

I know you are being cautious and I totally understand that... but I just want you to know how my heart leapt when I read this post. I'm beyond happy to see that you've made it this far and praying my heart out for you every step of the way. One day at a time! Hoping for you and with you...