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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

nothing of note

So everyone keeps asking me "How are you feeling?". My response is always fine... Am I supposed to feel something else? It puzzles me that people want to know the daily ins and outs of this pregnancy. My friend M said it's just that women want to commiserate with you and share their experience. I find it totally overwhelming, but I'm trying to adapt. So I feel fine. In the last week I have suddenly popped. I don't see a bump but my pooch is bigger and rounder. My pants don't fit. I broke down and ordered some maternity pants and a top yesterday. Most of my fat clothes fit so it's not terrible. I worked so hard to lose those 25lbs of infertility and it looks like it will come back, but this time it's more than worth it. I haven't had any major pains or bleeding. I did have some sharp stabby pains in my left side that seemed ovary related to me, but after consulting with the nurse and Dr. Google it seems they were round ligament pains. I did rent a doppler and I heart my doppler. Every night before I go to bed I listen first to my heartbeat and then the baby's. It is so reassuring.

I had my blood work done on Monday for the Toxoplasmosis retest. The results should be back tomorrow. Fingers crossed it comes back negative. I have my next scan a week from Friday for cervix check.

DH and I have been on self imposed pelvic rest since my BFP and it's getting old. I had a very vivid dream the other night. Can women have wet dreams? I think I had one. So I'd like to get frisky again. I know it's safe but RPL warps your brain.

Slowly I am telling people about the baby. It's hard for me to do, but I'm getting better at it. Our due date is Dec. 3rd.

Also I am lovin' some P.M.Dawn right now. Patient Eyes, wow takes me back to high school and making mix tapes with my best girls.

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Emily said...

I say feeling fine is something to crow about. You got off easy (not that you dont deserve a break). Ive been grateful for people asking how I feel, because its given me a chance to say that its been miserable. But I do understand that its a generic question. Pelvic rest is dull. Im on it because of the SCH (they dont want to introduce any infection up in there) and yes women CAN have wet dreams. I have had them every time Ive been pregnant but only once this time. I would think it would be fine to start in with some easy going romantic action at this point.

fingers crossed for your negative test tomorrow.