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Friday, December 3, 2010

end of the year race

So I really sucked at blogging each day of the month. I enjoyed what I did do, and I'm going to try to blog more...(no really I am). I went back to the midwest over Thanksgiving for a fabulous wedding. I was slightly apprehensive before leaving because the town I grew up in brings out strong feelings in me. I either have a great time, or cry my way through it. My family doesn't live there anymore so I've only been back over the last seven years a handful of times. All of my dear friends from HS were there and I was nervous about being around some of them b/c they are fertile and there would lots of kids. Several kids I'd never met before. Ultimately it was great we fell right back to our giggling selves and for a little while I did not think about it. I forget how good it feels to be surrounded by these strong beautiful women who mean so much to me. Friends like that are hard to come by.

During the wedding one of the promises was "to take care of other people's children". I really like that and it touched my heart. My DH has put adoption back on the table. This is a small miracle because before he felt he just couldn't do it. So we are exploring that option a little more while still looking at TTC in a couple months.

I had a consultation with a nutritionist yesterday. She recommended a wheat/gluten free diet. Also no coffee (the horror). Her reasoning made sense to me, if my m/c are caused by my immune system than it makes sense to remove any possible allergens from my diet. She said one in three people have wheat allergies, but they may not know it. But geez o pete gluten is in everything. And I heart bread. This will not be easy. But all things in moderation and I will make an effort.

Since I got back on Sunday it has been nonstop running around. The month of December is always hard because I have end of the year reports that must be completed by the 17th b/c the University shuts down for the last two weeks of the year. Our office keeps on running but we have to turn everything in. Meanwhile this is also the time of year when my clients have time on their hands so I am teaching many workshops. Not to mention x-mas shopping and decorating and the endless parties. I'm going to a conference today and I was so excited to learn I didn't need to be there until 1pm. So I can do some laundry, run and blog. I want to stop and savor the season, and make time for me. As always I struggle for balance. Ok laundry is ready to be hung out to dry.


Illanare said...

Gluten is in everything and a GF/WF diet is h-a-r-d. I was on one for years (technically should still be) and at first I was miserable. But then 2 things happened. First I found I lost a lot of weight and then I found that there are actually a lot of amazing gluten-free cookery books out there. And, like you, I heart bread so made my own with gluten free spelt flour. I won't lie to you, it isn't the same, but it is good!
Good luck :-)

Illanare said...

PS - hooray for discussing adoption being back on the table.


Panamahat said...

Good luck with the gluten-free thing. I try it from time to time and it is always a bit of extra wok!

alliemich said...

I am very interested to read more about your start of living gluten free. I have had 4 m/c with no reason and tons and tons of testing/surgeries (dc or hysteroscopy, myomectemy)I have been thinking of going gluten free, it will be very very very hard especially over the holidays, but I am hearing htat more and more for women with rpl to try gluten free, so I will be joining you soon on that path I am sure!

like.a.gown said...

Hi love! If you go gluten-free, tell me, because I am considering going sugar-free for awhile, and we could crash diet together. Also, I think you can eat the sprouted Ezekiel breads & english muffins & I think someone else makes a sprouted bagel. Pretty yum. In the health food freezer aisle. Maybe they would qualify? Talk to me if you want - I have kind of spent stretches of time being creative about my grains. Love you lots!

like.a.gown said...

That is remarkable, gorgeous, about your feeling natural around our girlfriends. You were ablaze with light that weekend, I tell you WHAT.