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Thursday, July 8, 2010

waiting again

My betas have continued to go up slowly, so yesterday my OB/Gyn's nurse called to tell me I needed to go to the hospital to get the methotrexate shot. This was around 10am yesterday and I had full day planned at work, including getting my hair cut and colored. The condition of my roots was beyond critical and I already had rescheduled this hair appointment 3 times. Not to mention one of our congressional representatives was coming to visit our farmers market and had called me directly (well his secretary called) to make sure I would give them the tour. So it would not be possible for me to get to the hospital that is an hour away until after 5pm. I asked if I couldn't go today as it was a better day but no, she felt it was critical I get the shot that day. I don't understand that for a whole week it was all let's just wait and see, and then suddenly it's you gotta get the shot NOW. I mean my beta level was still only 169. So after I met with the congressman, got my haircut and had a meeting with the city I headed to the hospital.

This is a Women's Hospital that I have never been to. It's very nice and the nurses were very compassionate and nice about my situation. Which is very different than anything I have experienced before. I feel good that should I ever actually deliver a baby I would be in good hands there. Ok on with the story. I arrive at the hospital around 6:15 they bring me in quick and take vitals, and explain what is going to happen. I have to explain my story too, which brought out the tears, but not too bad. They have to do a full cbc and another stinking beta. It takes a little over an hour for them to run the blood. Luckily there is a nice shopping center nearby and they said I could leave and come back. At 8pm they call me back, take vitals again go over again what is going to happen (new nurse). The new nurse asks if I have been to see an endocrinologist yet..hah I've been to four. I explain my immune issues and what that means. She asks me if I am in the medical profession, and is shocked when I tell her I am in agriculture. She says you could write a book, like "miscarriages for dummies". Oh bless her heart, I know she meant well but really? We are waiting for the pharmacist to make up the shot. Finally at 8:50pm I get the shot and that is that. They send me on my way. I got home at 10pm.

They gave me conflicting information about when I would start cramping and bleeding. One nurse said within 24 hours and they other said in 3 days. Today I decided to stay home from work because I didn't want to start heavy cramping there, and I was unsure of how the side effects would actually effect me. So far, I am just sensitive to light, and I have dull throbbing headache, which may or may not be from crying for days on end. Otherwise I feel ok, no cramping or bleeding. I go back for another beta on Saturday and have an appointment with my Ob on Wednesday. I really hope this works, and gets through my system quickly.

They said I could go out in the sun as long as I wore a hat and sunscreen which is good because I have some research on two farms that I have to go change and collect the insect traps. And I would like to go running too. Hopefully tomorrow will not be as bloody hot as it has been the last two days. We could really use some rain.


Kelly said...

I agree. It's certainly odd that you had to play the waiting game and then it had to be NOW. It could be though that they wanted it to be done during the week so if you needed your doctor, you could call them.

I hope that things went well with the tour and listen to you body. Take it easy if you need to.

Sue said...

Sorry about all of this. Take care of yourself.

Andie said...

Why are they always so difficult about these appointments? so ver frustrating. I am glad that the nurses and hospital were lovely though. I hope this is over for you soon. Thinking of you.

Misfits said...

Shoot. I started bleeding pretty quickly after my second shots (second ectopic) and I had been spotting to full blood with the ectopic the first time.

I'm super sorry, hun. I'm hoping this works quickly and you'll be back to TTC in short order. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Panamahat said...

I was thinking of getting a few of us together to write Miscarriages for Dummies. I'm sure we'd make a fortune! (OTHER people aren't allowed to say that to us though...) Sending hugs and hope that light sensitivity isn't too excruciating. xx

Illanare said...

This sucks so much - I'm so sorry.

Take care of you.