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Friday, September 11, 2009

labels and plans

I already know I have the label habitual aborter on my chart, and probably difficult patient too. But these labels will not define me. I thought long and hard last night about what will I do.

I still have not gotten my period and HPT #5 was negative, now on cd 35. After my 3rd miscarriage it took 36 days for AF. My longest cycle was 40days (possible chemical pg). I ran hard yesterday hoping to kickstart AF, but no.

So if I am pg, I will start Lovenox as soon as I get a positive HPT, along with prometrium. I have a month's supply of both, b/c I just refilled my Rx right before the miscarriage. We are going on a trip to Portland for a week Sept.20th, so my feeling is to wait until we get back to call the doctor. I think I will call the MFM, but maybe my RE too. We also have a camping trip planned for Oct 11-14th. My thoughts are not to have u/s until we get back from that. That would put me at 10wks post d&c. God knows how many dpo, since I thought I o'd on cd 11 and obviously that can't be right b/c I would have had BFP or AF by now.

So right now, live my life try not to worry, because what can I do anyway. Hopefully I will know one way or the other in a few days. I hope I know something by Tuesday when I have my phone consult with SIRM.


Grad3 said...

Sounds like a plan that you are comfortable with- that's good :)

Hope you enjoy your trips and that you get to stop testing soon. ~Hugs~

Stacey said...

Just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts. I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this uncertainty right now.

Hope you have safe & happy travels.