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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Phone Consultation

I just got off the phone with SIRM clinic. First the dr. spent an hour on the phone with me. WOW! Because this was a free consult.

He said, with all my history and test results there is no reason for me to be on Lovenox. We talked about the possibility of genetic factors that we can't see with a general karyotype.

He suggested I have the full autoimmune panel blood work done. He seemed to know my RE, Dr.P as he kept referring to him by his first name, and was understanding of the fact that Dr. P doesn't believe in immune problems and RPL. He explained about intralipid treatments and the success he has seen at SIRM and what it might involve if my tests are positive.

He also suggested my dh get a sperm analysis.

Some things that impressed me, are that he did not push IVF with PGD which is what several other doctors have said. He didn't mention it all. He did mention IUI, but simply for a timing issue. He didn't talk about me having to come all the way to NJ for treatment if it's needed.

I asked him if I should be alarmed about no AF at cd39 (BFN this morning test #8). He said not really, but there could be some scarring that could be slowing AF down. He did think I should have Dr. P do the SHG like he wants too, and possibly follow me through one normal cycle with u/s at cd3 and cd 14. I've never had that done before.

So all in all I am very pleased with this consult and it at least gives me some things to think about.


Astrid said...

Wow, what a gift. One hour. I just got a bill for a 15 minute in-office conversation (prior to which I had waited 1 hour for the dr) with my gyn-oncologist and it was $255! It alwasy helps to have a second opinion too. I am always suspicious of doctors who 'don't believe in' certain things that other doctors think are sufficiently well documented to believe in. There are some things we still can't proove beyond a shadow of a doubt, but I think there is a lot to be said for circumstantial evidence. I certainly hope your case reaches resolution soon. I know how painful non-diagnoses can be. And I too am waiting for a late AF. I hate being in limbo. Even more than I hate waiting to TTC again.

Grad3 said...

I am glad that SIRM was able to provide some insight and other possible avenues to explore. It's nice to know what all the cards are when you have something so serious is going on.

May the consult continue to inspire hope in all areas of your life! ~Many hugs~