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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things I saw on the way to work

1. My neighbors big orange cat, who I love and want to steal, but he really wants nothing to do with me

2. Baby goats at the farm just past the Elementary school. They must have kidded (is that the right term?) in the last week. So tiny and cute even though they are smelly

3. A pick up truck stacked up with rusted out push lawnmowers. WTF? Maybe he was going to the scrap metal place

4. Cows in the woods next to the pasture

5. A stationary bike next to the plowed up garden in the pasture. I'm not sure of it's purpose if I ever see the farmer there I will stop and ask.

6. Daffodils coming up in the gardens around my office.

It's February 11th and the weather is like April which is messing everything up plantwise. Today's high is 71 a week ago today it snowed and the schools were closed. But Global warming is not real....whatever

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