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Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been nominated for Honest Scraps, and I think this means I am supposed to list seven or 10 honest scraps about myself

1. In high school and early college I told people I never wanted to have children. I thought they would tangle up my life, and babies are messy and loud. I was loudly pro choice and thought if I ever married I would definitely keep my last name. Fast forward 15 years and I took my husbands name and really want children even if they are loud and messy. I am quietly pro choice.

2. I never knew my maternal grandmother, she died when I was 2. She is a mystery to me and I wish I knew more.

3. I wanted to be a vet until I got a D in Chemistry my freshman year of college. That grade ruined all chances of vet school. I turned to horticulture on a whim and found solace in the greenhouse.

4. My boyfriend in college was/is a drug addict. I kept thinking he would grow out of it and wasted a couple of years being with him instead of having fun. Leaving him was very hard. I had to leave Colorado and start my life over. It was one of the very best decisions I have made.

5. My husband has no idea I have a blog

6. I have no idea what my natural hair color is, I've been dyeing it regularly since 1998, when a friend pointed out my first grays.

7. My black cat Elvis brings me such joy. Even on my worst days his little face will bring me a smile, and then he will head butt me.

8. I worry that I don't edit myself enough around people and maybe say things I shouldn't.

9. I'm afraid of sharks. I won't go out in the ocean past my waist, even though I know the sharks come in that close, but somehow I'm safer that way. Jaws really fucked me up.

10. I have a tattoo of a sunflower on my hip


Grad3 said...

I actually hate going in the ocean for the very same reason! :)

Panamahat said...

I started going grey at 18, and began dying my hair then, in 1988. Last year, twenty years later, I nervously took the plunge and stopped the colour. Since then I can't count the number of compliments I get every day about how amazing my hair looks (silver mixed with black). Who'd have thought? Certainly not me. Think of all the money I could have been saving!!!

Monica LeMoine said...

#5 and #7 are my faves, you Honest Scrapper you. I am astounded that your husband doesn't know you have a blog, particularly given your sometimes "poor self-editing skills" - one would think you'd inadvertently spill the beans! Ha! Anyway, good for you for keeping a secret like that - brilliant. And I totally get the self-editing thing - I'm the worst, particularly when one or two drinks have hit my liver.