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Friday, June 20, 2008

Zen thy name is Peppermint Patty

I discovered a delicious answer to my rattled nerves and edgy disposition. Peppermint Patty Cookies. Thank you Hershey. I am feeling better today. Yesterday I yelled at people, cried at work, freaked on my doctor's nurse and sent an e-mail I might regret to my OB.

My serum progesterone was 15 on Monday. My OB's nurse said that Dr. F was not inclined to prescribe progesterone b/c I have had m/c with normal progesterone levels and below normal levels. I told the nurse I didn't understand because my RE says if your level is below 20 you should supplement. She said well maybe I should call my RE.

This did not sit well with me at all. Now I know that the research is inconclusive about whether progesterone helps sustain a pregnancy or not. However we do know that it does not hurt the pregnancy. So if your patient is a psycho who has had five miscarriages you give her the progesterone lady! Give me something I can take control over. I have no control over this situation, but taking prometrium everyday is something I can do.

I called my RE and left a message with his nurse. 30 minutes later Dr. P himself called me back. I filled him in on what was going on. I haven't been back to the clinic since April 29th when they determined my missed miscarriage. He was pleased with my beta numbers and when I told him my progesterone level he said he would call in a prescription for prometrium 200mg/ twice a day vaginally. He told me to call him after my ultrasound and let him know what was going on. I could have kissed him. Just to have someone be reassuring and nice and proactive.

I love my OB and I know she is just being conservative, but right now I don't want conservative I want aggressive take the bull by the horns medicine. So I sent my OB an e-mail asking her to explain why she didn't want to prescribe prometrium. I hope she doesn't take me the wrong way. I just want to understand why every freaking doctor says a different thing.

I went to my acupuncturist M. yesterday too. I love her she is trying so hard to help me. She gave me a treatment and a bunch of herbs. She agrees that we need to be aggressive in approaching this pregnancy and give my body everything we can to help it sustain this pregnancy. So I will be drinking 4 cups of stinky tea every day for the next week.

Hopefully I can get through today without any drama. I am so glad it's the weekend.

PS. My OB just called and told it was a strict policy that they don't prescibe progesterone. She was very short and rude with me on the phone. WTF? She told me if my RE prescribes that's fine but they won't. She said it can cause vaginal infections and vaginal bleeding which is why they don't prescribe, so I am wrong about it not hurting. I feel so hurt by this conversation. I thought she was compassionate and understanding. Was I out of line by asking this question? I feel like she is very angry with me. I really don't want to doctor hop any more. What should I do?

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admin said...

Doctor hopping sucks, but can you really envision spending that length of pregnancy with an OB who can not respond in a humane manor to a patient who has been through as much as you? I have a great friend who had 5 losses and has a bicornuate Ute. On her sixth pregnancy a new RE finally perscribed progesterone and she carried with ease to term. I just don't see the downside to taking it! Can you see if your RE will monitor you till 8 weeks and find a new OB in the meantime? Can your RE recommend someone?

I hope the next weeks can pass in a flash and without event. I know it is useless to tell you to be calm, or think good thoughts. Because once you have been burned, you've been burned. But I will send some good vibes in your general direction and hope the very best for you.