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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Full of piss and vinegar

I am so freaking angry and short tempered today. I have no patience for these morons who call my office with their piddly problems. I am pregnant for the sixth time in three years. If you add all of my pregnancies together I have been pregnant for 51 months and I have nothing to show but 20lbs of extra weight. That's almost a year of being pregnant. Fuck you uterus!!

My beta numbers were good, 211(Thursday last week) and 1761 on Monday. But really that doesn't mean shit because I always start out with good numbers. I have my ultrasound next Friday. Great.


admin said...

Uhhh, I try not to add up the number of months. It is just too depresing. It gets even worse if you add in the time that, although you were not technically pregnant, you got all the great benefits, like nausea and sore b00bs.

I know at this point it must be impossible for you to have much faith that this pregnancy will work out - not to mention how scary it is. I am hoping for the best.


like.a.gown said...

I like what Meredith says about faith despite fear. I also imagine the feeling of letting this pregnancy happen to you ... releasing everything you really cannot control. Talk to me, B.