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Friday, June 13, 2008

the rabbit died

My cat is a cold blooded killer and my dog is his accomplice. Let me preface this by telling you that I live in the middle of 106 acres and my closest neighbor is a 1/2 mile away. We live on a gravel road y'all. So wildlife is in abundance on the farm. We have a shit load of rabbits on our property along with snakes,coyote, moles, voles, deer, fox, turkey and all sorts of birds especially annoying whippoorwill's. But that is another story.

So this morning I got up early to POAS and decided to go for a short run. I have been running pretty regularly since my D&C. It helps clear my head, and I go slow, so I don't think it hurts. Anyway the dog and I take off and the cat trotted down the driveway to see us off.

I had a good run, with new tunes on my i.po.d. As I make the turn up my driveway I see my cat with a small rabbit in his mouth. I yell at him to drop it, and my dog promptly swipes the rabbit out of the cat's mouth. The rabbit is still alive dude. The dog drops it, and it runs, but it's injured so it can't go fast enough. My dog thinks this is game and catches it and throws it up in the air. I am yelling drop it, drop it!! He of course looks at me like I am crazy. The cat looks miffed that the dog stole his rabbit. Now the rabbit is dead and next to my husband's truck. I am pissed b/c I have to deal with this right now, or it will be an ordeal with the carcass.

So I stomp inside and get the animals their animal food, of which they prefer over dead rabbits. Then I have to go down and shovel this poor bunny into a bag and put him in the garbage to take to the dump. All this before 7AM sheesh. I do not condone my cat killing rabbits, but my feeling is that if my lazy kitty can catch a bunny, we have way way too many rabbits. He is not the most agile hunter. So if the bunny can't escape my cat then there is no way he will make against all the other predators on our land.

The stick was darker this time than yesterday, I hope that means my numbers are going up.

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admin said...

Your property sounds like a dream. I grew up on a farm, though much smaller, but live in a very dense urban neighborhood now. More lately I have dreaming about the quiet of the country.

Sorry to hear about your early moring bunny shinanigans. There has to be a better way to start your day?