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Thursday, June 12, 2008

world's most fertile infertile

So I went to my OB/Gyn this morning for my follow up appt. from my D&C. It's been six weeks since my surgery and still no AF. So I go in and of course I have pee in a cup. I don't think much about this b/c I POAS on May 31 and BFN so I KNOW I am not pg. Well I get in the stirrups and my lovely Dr. F comes in:

Dr. F: have you been having sex?

me: well yea.

Dr. F: well you came up with a slight BFP.

me: WHAT????? How can this be?

Dr. F: well you had sex.

me: I know that but geez I must be the most fertile person in the world

Dr. F: We will take a beta now and come back Monday and we will do another and see if you levels are doubling. If they are then you are pg, if not it might be residual from the D&C

me: what do we do if they are?

Dr. F: What do you mean what do we do?

me: I don't know, should I start taking progesterone?

Dr. F: no, just wait until Monday, and keep that man away from you fertile myrtle.

HOLY FUCK!!! I had not anticipated this. I have been drinking and taking xanax. My mind is reeling. I cannot go through another m/c again. I've already stocked up on tests so I can POAS all weekend long.


admin said...

Oh sweetie! I don't know what to say - other than that you are in my thoughts all weekend as you wait out the results. I know exactly how you feel about being the "fertile infertile." I get pregnant so easily. It is the staying pregnant that is the problem.

Pee away - but try to distract yourself too.

xoxo and good luck.

Meg said...

Gawd....I will be thinking of you!

scarredbellybutton said...

Oh wow, hope the results don't take too long to come in.