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Monday, June 2, 2008

trying to make a plan

So today on my half hour commute to work, I was thinking about what do I want to do about this baby thing. I had a really good tearful conversation with my dear friend JD yesterday. She said to me sometimes you just need to waller in it. The sadness the grief. Although I feel I have been sad for three years, I have not allowed myself to waller. (this is our country term for wallow). I always feel I have to pick myself up and carry on, be strong. I am tired of being strong. I want to be a puddle on the floor.

So on the way to work I thought about this. What if we take the next three months off of TTC. I go back to acupuncture. I really felt that acupuncture and TCM helped me. I carried the longest I ever have, and we saw a heartbeat. Now that the evil septum is gone, maybe acupuncture and TCM can help me even more. I felt good and relaxed when I was going to acupuncture too.

I have a Dr. appt. with my OB next week, and she should have the pathology report back. I will listen to her advice about what she thinks I should do. Then the following week I have an appt. with my shrink. I will listen to what she thinks I should do. Finally on the 26th I have an appt. with my RE at that point I think I will be able to make a good plan with him. My thoughts are in September to do injectibles and possibly an IUI. Although we have no problem conceiving naturally, I wonder if something is off in our timing and maybe that causes the m/c.

At any rate this would give me three months to take care of myself, maybe lose some of this weight I have put on, and possibly enjoy the summer. Of course I have to discuss this with my DH, but this would also allow him to take some trips and make extra money, which we will need if we do an IUI.

Does anyone out there in blog land have a success story with recurrent miscarriage and then trying injectibles with an IUI?

The more I think about this the more I like the sound of this plan. Now watch my OB will be like "you have to get pg right now or there is no hope for you!" surely she won't say that.


JJ said...

I dont have much assvice--Ill try and get you some, though!

Just letting you know you are in my thoughts as you weigh all of your decisions. (hugs)

JuliaS said...

I had seven miscarriages. We were going to do IUI on my last Follistim cycle but scrapped it due to poor ovarian response. I found a protocal of Clomid initially and then Follistim, followed by progesterone starting a few days post ovulation and taking a baby aspirin daily gave me the best results. Dh and I had all the testing including chromosomal and I went through the fertility workup twice. Basically my luteal phase is defunct due to low progesterone, excess estrogen. We both took a course of antibiotics at the start of a ttc cycle and repeated it yearly if we were still ttc. I also put dh on vitamins to improve sperm quality - Vit C, E and Zinc.

Good wishes to you!

Meg said...

I do not have any advice for a successful IUI post RPL....

But I must say that you seem to be in a good place right now. To be able to waller in grief and also be open to suggestions/insight from several different directions is huge.

And I must say, taking a break from TTC sounds lovely. As soon as we decided to take a summer off to relax, take care of ourselves and enjoy the summer....it just felt like the right plan.

I hope next week goes well my dear.

Fertilized said...

I had 3 early losses (9 weeks was the longest)

We did all the fertility, RPL panel and could only come up with Pcos and possible blood clotting as a factor.

I did multiple clomid rounds w/o success, 2 injectibles (bravelle) w/ IUI and I am currently 36 weeks.

I was doing injects/IUI, then progesterone, baby aspirin, metformin, prenatals and lovenox after I received a positive see stick and 2 rising betas.

Good luck to you

olivegirl said...

Hi. I've had two very early losses, and two later ones, but all first trimester. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant. Still a wee bit dicey. But I'm plugging along. It was a FET. Three were transferred. I didn't do anything special this time. It was my fifth transfer. I've come to believe with idiopathic miscarriage, it's just a numbers game. Best of luck to you.

Erika said...

Enjoying your blog, we have so much in common. I'm currently taking a break from ttc to have some recurrent miscarriage tests run at a new clinic. We cant ttc until tests come back (late summer). The break was difficult at first, to put ttc 'on the back burner' as my therapist suggested. But it has allowed me to focus on my health and well being (weekly accupuncture, working out). Slowly I'm feeling better, more hopefuly for ttc in the fall. Good luck.