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Monday, June 30, 2008

We have a heartbeat

My ultrasound went well. The baby is measuring right at six weeks, and has heartrate of 106bpm. This ultrasound was a little different than anything I have had before. After waiting for 40 minutes they called me back into this expansive ultrasound room. Seriously you could fit like 20 people in there. I'm used to these cramped rooms at my RE's office where it's uncomfortable with 4 people in there. So I get in there with my mom and the u/s technician and I take my shoes off and I start to take my pants off, and I say I assume you want me to strip from the waist down. The tech looks at me all crazy and says "no.. just pull your shirt up and pull your waistband. Huhhh... you're not going to do a transvaginal ultrasound. She said well we do this one first and if we can't see anything we will do an internal ultrasound.

I was like but I know you won't see anything it's too early. So we did the tummy ultrasound and then she said ok, take off your pants and we will do the internal. First she was looking at my ovaries and on the screen all I saw was a big empty sac. I asked her if this was the gestational sac? (tears running down my face the whole time). She said no that's a cyst on your right ovary. I'm thinking why are we looking at my ovaries lady, let's look at my uterus. Finally she goes to my ute and she says here is the baby. (Sac with dot inside). I asked does it have a heartbeat? She says yes and plays it loudly in the room. My mom fell apart at this point, but all I can think is "is it a slow heartrate?" No the tech says its a good heartrate right where it should be. You are measuring right at six weeks. I ask her where is the baby located in my uterus, is it in a good place? She said it's right at the fundus. I ask if that is a problem b/c of my septum. She didn't know but said the Dr. would know.

Then I put my pants back on and Dr. S the ultraound lady came in and told me everything looked really good. The gestational sac is a good shape and the heartrate strong. She asked if I could come back in 2 weeks and I said I would rather come back next week and she said that was perfectly reasonable given my history. So I have an appointment for this Thursday at 7:15AM. I still have not seen my OB. She was in surgery all day Friday so I didn't see a doctor, well except for Dr. S the ultrasound lady. The place where I had my ultrasound was a Fetal Comprehensive Care Unit in the same building as my OB. I guess they have high tech equipment b/c I thought you couldn't hear the heartbeat until 10 weeks.

I did not feel a weight lifted after this, I begged them not to give me the pictures or the "Happy Baby Package". I have seen a heartbeat before and lost the baby three days later. I should feel some relief, but I don't. I need to make it to the second trimester before I will feel a little easier about this. I guess this was one huge hurdle jumped but all I see are many more in front of me.


Mel said...

We'll take this minor victory for today. I am glad it went well. ;)

admin said...

It is a start, and that is something at least. That is wonderful that they are willing to see you weekly.

Thinking about you.

admin said...

You may not necessarily need a cerclage, but you should be monitored for IC. I would advise you request transvaginal (not just manual) cervix checks every two weeks through the second trimester. They usually start about week 14. Make it clear that is what you will require from the beginning. Yes, go to the boards if you have any questions about it. There are two resected SU ladies who have recently gone through getting a cerclage. They can help...


Isn't it pretty to think so said...

One day at a time...congratulations on today.