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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

stitching it up

So this week my obsession has been learning about incompetent cervix's and how to determine if you need a cervical cerclage or a stitched up cervix. My cervix has been manually dilated five time in two years. Writing that makes me envision a doctor just turning a dial in your vagina. But it is much more involved than that and it hurts like a mofo. The two times I was conscious during it I thought I was going to die. So anyway because the doctors have messed with my cervix so much it could potentially be weakened. Dr. Google tells me they don't usually do a cerclage unless you have had a 2nd trimester m/c previously. But my glorious friends on the MA board say I should definitely have mine checked out b/c it could be a problem. So tomorrow at my u/s I plan to ask Dr.S the ultrasound lady to measure my cervix and let me know what she thinks. My OB Dr. F is too busy doing surgery's to mess with me. My appointment next week with the "nurse educator". When I asked the glib little scheduler why I was meeting with the "nurse educator", she said she (the nurse educator) would take all my information and history and then determine which doctor I should see. I said but I am already Dr. F's patient, she said that's the way they do new OB patients, and with my history I may be placed with the "high risk" doctor.

Hello why are they doing this now? How am I new since I've been seeing her since October? And does it take a fifth miscarriage to suddenly make me high risk? WTF?

So far no spotting or cramping. My boobs are sore and I am tired and sometimes I feel a little nausea but no puking. My face is breaking out like crazy.

Dear God- Please let my baby still be there with a beating heart tomorrow, and growing like it should be. I'm trying my best to be calm and give my worries to you b/c I know you will take care of things.


like.a.gown said...

Makes me smile to read about your sweet symptoms. Big hug.

admin said...

That is great if they meansure your cervix tomorrow. That way, you will know where you are starting out. The whole "if you already had a 2nd trimester loss" thing makes me crazy. How about this: instead of waiting to let someone suffer something so terrible, why not just check the damn cervix every two weeks in the 2nd trimester.

You have 2 well documented reasons for monitoring: 1. Multiple forced dialations & 2. A Uterine Anomaly. As long as you are being monitored - you will be just fine! Don't rush to the stitch, it has its own risks. Perhaps your cervix is a superstar? Could be ya know.

Good luck tomorrow. Will be looking for an update.

sara said...

Hope you don't mind me delurking to say hi - I followed you over from Meredith's site. I'm on the MA board myself (I'm a left UU currently 17 wks pregnant after IVF.) I had a cerclage placed at 13 wks. Stop by anytime if you have questions or just want to bounce ideas back and forth. Congrats on your pregnancy. I think Meredith put it best, as long as they're monitoring your cervix frequently (you have reasons for them to be monitoring you) you may not even need a cerclage. Cerclages carry a lot of risks (we only did mine because I was losing my pregnancy) but they are helpful if done well when necessary. By close monitoring , your doctors will be able to tell if you ever need one. I'm putting a lot of faith in your cervix that it will be a superstar just like Meredith says and you may never need one! Best of luck at your appt. Sorry for the book long post!