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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hold on to your hats we're in for a bumpy ride

After my musing on when to POAS, I did anyway on CD 24, thinking it's so early it will be negative and then the damn stick won't be calling me from the bathroom drawer. So I took the test and as expected it was BFN I threw it away satisfied that it was too early to tell. Hours later I dug the test out of the trash and to my surprise I saw a very faint positive line. WTF!!! Why must you fuck with my head? Next day I talk to my RE nurse and she said my progesterone results were back and I did in fact ovulate as my level was 5.1. Seriously folks I'm pretty sure I must have ovulated maybe hours before the blood test. So I tell my nurse about my crazy HPT and ask her what should I do. She says well lets do a beta HCG on Monday along with your progesterone test. Great! It's Friday how will I restrain myself from POAS? I cannot and proceed to take five tests over the weekend all of which were negative, even after sitting in the trash for a few hours. So now I am convinced it was a fluke thing and I am not pregnant. But I still have to have the blood test on Monday (today). Nurse RE calls me and asks when was my LMP and my HCG levels are positive but really really low (13). Here's the thing according to my temps and the OPK's I ovulated on cd 20. Today is CD 28 so that's only 8 dpo. That little embryo should have only just implanted itself. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I wish that I had not had the test done at all. I go back on Wednesday for more blood to see if my levels are doubling. If they are doubling it's just really really early if not well we've been down that road before just not so early. I hate this.


JJ said...

Ooo!!! I am hoping GOOD thoughts for you--it is early if you ovulated on CD 20--so hopefully the little one is still nestling in!

admin said...

My fingers are super-crossed!!! I get my next beta tomorrow, so I know what you are going through!!! Go Ute, Go!!!

Meg said...

I am on pins and needles! I am crossing everything for you and hope for much higher numbers Wed!

K77 said...

Now you know you have to POAS daily for me, right?