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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beta #2

So I had my second Beta this morning, but I couldn't resist POAS when I got up and I go a faint BFP. The Beta results were 63, which is almost 5 times what it was on Monday. So that is good. I still don't know what my progesterone results were from Monday, so I don't know if I need prometrium or not. My RE scheduled my first u/s for April 21 at 7weeks. That seems like an eternity away, but I know that will be when we could actually see something too. I have had 5 week u/s before and that only added to my stress. Now I just need to find a way to keep my anxiety levels down for the next 20 days. I hope my new ute will provide a good home for this baby. I can't stop poking my boobs to see if they are sore, which they seem to be a little, but maybe that's from all the poking. I never had morning sickness with any of my previous pregnancies, and this sounds crazy but I am praying I will puke everyday. I need that reassurance that my body is making the hormones it needs. I will happily suffer for the next 9 months to hold a healthy baby in my arms. Shit, I cannot allow myself to think that far ahead, one day at a time right?


JJ said...


Mel said...

Congratulations on the good beta!!!!!!!! That is fabulous news! Do you have a reason to think you would need the prometrium?
I hope things continue well, fingers crossed for you.

Meg said...


You do not sound crazy at all for wanting to puke throughout this pregnancy....I totally get it.

One day at a time is a very good approach, although each night you should just scream and dance for a moment...then package it back up for the following night.

admin said...

nice job!! Ecxellent news.

Ya know we could change places? Septum resection same month, BFP same month!! He're to 2 nre Ute's doing some good in the world!!!


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