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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok so now I am 4 dpo and of course my mind starts doing calculations as to how soon can I POAS. I have this running argument in my head, part of me wants to POAS on 10dpo, another part says what good is that information b/c it will be too early. If I have a BFP and they do an u/s we won't see anything. The other part argues but what if you need to take progesterone, they won't know that if you don't take the test. My RE sent another work order for me to have blood drawn on Monday, b/c the one they did this past one did not have enough progesterone as I was ovulating that day. The nurse did say that the clomid should make my cycles more normal ie.28 days. My body does not want to have a 28 day cycle. Since this whole fiasco started I have had a total of 3, 28 day cycles. My body wants to be a 30-32 day girl. Metformin at 2000mg gave me one 28 day cycle and daily diarrhea for 18mos. Acupuncture gave me one 28 day cycle. An HSG gave me a 28 day cycle. Otherwise I am always 30-32 days. I have had a few 39 and 40 day cycles too.

So anyway my RE nurse said that if I got a BFP and my progesterone levels were not high they would probably prescribe some Progesterone. I know the jury is out about Progesterone, but it would make me feel better. My third pregnancy I had a very early u/s at 5 wks LMP and my RE said he didn't think my lining was thick enough for a pregnancy. This makes me want to take progesterone now even though I may or may not be pg. However I did do progesterone suppositories for my 4th pg, and obviously it didn't help me carry.

My goal is to force myself to wait until April 7 which will be 14dpo to POAS. It's so hard... not to analyze every damn thing my body is doing, my boobs are tender but I also feel crampy, but maybe that's just my ute moving around to make room.
I am crazy its only 4dpo too early for implantation? This is the worst part of TTC.

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JJ said...

Hi Amy! I just got your comment--glad to have found your blog. You dont have an email attached to your profile--can you email it to me?
Id love to have you come to the group! Ill definitely keep you posted