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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Despite all odds I have actually carried a full term baby. WOW. Thank you to everyone who has been praying and sending us positive energy. I truly believe that is why we are here. Our appointment this week was uneventful. Faith has no interest in being born anytime soon. Cervix is dilated a fingertip but Faith has not really dropped. Dr. T is amazed and says I'm just a boring regular pregnant lady now. It's been strange being back at work. I fatigue so easily and I'm definitely feeling this 35lbs I'm carrying around. Faith measured 6.5lb at 35w4d so she could be a 9lb + baby. So here we are 37 weeks gestation, just 3 more weeks until her due date. I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around actually having a real live baby here in MY house that WE made. Patiently waiting...


Mrs. Misfits said...

Music to my ears. I have been part of the chorus cheering you on here. It's simply amazing to witness. I can't wait for the pst letting us knw Faith is here!

Emily said...

Congratulations sweetheart. A term baby, a big healthy term baby!

OMG, I was just telling brian that its still not sunk in that we have a living child that we actually produced. That I grew. Im sure you will feel the same way even after you birth her.

thinking of your family,



Sue said...

Congrats on being boring - no news is good news!

Good Timing said...

Wow!! I honestly didn't think you were going to make it this far - so congrats! :) Now of course she won't want to come out LOL! Keep us posted!

lparsons15 said...

It really is incredible! Congratulations on being a boring pregnant lady now, that is great news!

Birdie said...

I'm SO happy for you!!! I'm now 39 weeks and expecting our little one any day! :)