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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So here I am still pregnant and still on bed rest. I don't think Dr.T expected me to make it this far. So far we remain stable. I don't get u/s anymore at every visit. My next u/s will be at 36 weeks. Faith's heart rate is good and movement is crazy. So I don't mind no u/s and I certainly don't miss the dildo cam anyway. Six weeks will be the longest I've gone the whole pregnancy w/o an u/s though. Cervix is still closed and measuring 1.1cm. Dr.T says I'm a boring normal OB patient now. My fFN test was negative yesterday and that will be the last one we do. So Dr. T says I don't have to have a baby sitter all the time now. That's a relief, I would like a little of my independence back. At 34 we will be put on moderate bed rest and I will be allowed to move around the house more. I'm looking forward to being able to go upstairs and see the nursery in real life. At 36 we will stop all medication (procardia and prometrium) and I can go back to work full time. How weird will that be?

I went to a breast feeding class, and I feel a little more confident. Faith is head down and kicking the shit out of my ribs. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. We are entering the safer window for delivery and less potential time in the NICU. Dr.T jokes about having to induce me at 41 weeks, ha ha not funny. Seriously I can't go that long.

I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. It's lots of fun. I have sexy wrist braces to wear at night. I'm wearing them now to get used to them. Last night I ripped them off in the middle of the night b/c I couldn't get comfortable, and then had numb fingers for the rest of the night. Only I could get carpal tunnel while on bed rest.


Emily said...

carpal tunnel.. gah. Not nice. 32.5 is great. How very strange it will be for you to go back to work full time after so much bed rest.

i cant wait until you get to climb the stairs so you can putter in your nursery. I got mine 1/2 set up the other day and my husband and I both wander in there many times a day just to marvel at the fact that we have one at all, and that we will soon need it.

Sue said...

I had carpal tunnel too - no fun. I'm glad you're doing so well otherwise, even if you're ready to hit the fast forward and meet Faith on the outside. Yay for being a boring OB patient!

lparsons15 said...

Sorry about the carpal tunnel, but its amazing that you have come this far!

Good Timing said...

32.5 is awesome!! Too funny that you can go back to work at 36 weeks?! The opposite of most people....and mean joke to talk about inducing you at 41 weeks!! I am sure that won't be the case! Hope your wrists feel better soon!

Panamahat said...

Carpel tunnel on bed rest DOES seem more than a little unfair. So glad you will be gaining back some independence over the coming weeks. Time to kick your MIL to the curb?

Birdie said...

32.5 weeks!!! Wonderful!!!