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Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Baby

Growing up I was not much of a doll girl. I liked to play make believe with my stuffed animals and run around outside always. I did have one doll that I did love. I called her Big Baby. She was supposed to be the size of a newborn or a little bigger I believe. To a 2 year old that is a big baby. Big Baby had a cloth body and plastic arms and legs with a big plastic head and blinking eyes. I let Big Baby's hair go to blonde dreds, because like me, Big Baby did not care for people combing her knotty hair out. I spent most of my early years with short homemade haircuts because of my refusal to let anyone comb my hair. Naturally curly hair makes for lots of tangles and knots, and one stubborn little girl. Also I rarely dressed Big Baby so she was naked most of the time and dirty because I took outside with me. Big Baby is at my mom's house now, because she couldn't bare to get rid of her.

Yesterday I had my weekly doctor appointment. Cervix is still stable and another negative fFN test. We had a growth scan, which was a surprise to me since I thought we were just doing cervical length. Faith is measuring 4lbs! 90th percentile, one whole week ahead of schedule. My doctor said "Big Baby". We are just shy of 31 weeks. 4lbs sounds so big to me, but good if she comes early we should be all right. If we go to term God help my vagina.

All in all a good appointment, the crib came yesterday so my baby won't be sleeping in a drawer. I am more than ready to be done with bed rest. Ten weeks completed five more to go.


Emily said...

I think one of the pimply, bully, teenagers on the Simpsons had a kid that slept in a drawer. Im pleased your baby wont be doing that. Although baby does not care.

4 lbs! Big baby indeed. Im so happy to read that. I doubt mine weighs much more than that because hes a peanut.

what sort of crib did you get?

Mrs. Lemon said...

Yahoo! So happy to hear she is big. Hang in there, bed rest sucks but you are already the mama your little girl could ask for!

Sue said...

Yay for Faith - she's clearly an overachiever already.

lparsons15 said...

Oh wow..so happy to read this! SO happy for you that things are going well, keep up the good work!

Good Timing said...

Wow this is great news!!! :)