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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 better me please?

Oh Internet, it has been a rough holiday. Gluten free is NOT going well. In fact it's not really going at all. I did not get to see my family and my new niece over Christmas b/c of snow. I cried all day Christmas because we should have children to celebrate with but we don't because they died. So I've been wallowing in my woe and really I need to get over it. My BFF had her baby and I found out on face.book. More woe. Cutting back on caffeine is giving me headaches. WHAH WHAH WHAH woe is me.

OK so in effort to shake my doldrums I wrote out my goals and challenges for 2011. I even categorized them.

Improve communication w/DH
Express my feelings better
Demand respect within our marriage
Talk about the drinking
Find the Fun again

Repair friendship w/BFF
Visit friends more often
Have people/friends over to our house
Visit Brother
Be a part of nieces lives

work on expressing and feeling my emotions
tell people when they hurt my feelings
relaxation techniques

go gluten-free for at least 3 mos
run 1000 miles total in 2011
wear a bikini and feel good about it

keep a grace journal, and write everyday
officially join the church and get active
find and go to an adoption workshop
grow a bigger garden
work on getting farm plan going


alliemich said...

Hears to wishing you the best for 2010. Your goals sound great and some I am going to be trying as well this new year....

a journal, joining a church, and relaxation sound the most important :)

Sue said...

I hope 2011 is better to you than 2010.

Illanare said...

Wishing you all the best in 2011.

Andie said...

I am sorry the holidays have been hard for you, it's a difficult time of year.

Your list of goals are all very admirable and I hope that you achieve them all. All the best for the new year.

Mrs. Misfits said...

I am grateful for a new year and all kinds of good things that are in store for us.

Panamahat said...

Dude, that list looks more like a five year plan to me (and that's saying something because you KNOW how much I pack into a day!) Don't forget to nurture yourself along the way. xx

JJ said...

And hopefully in 2011, we can finally meet for that cup of coffee! :)