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Monday, April 20, 2009


Welcome back to the POAS challenge.... Today's results BFN

Can she hold out until Thursday to do it again? Only time will tell.


Living With Loss said...

Hope you can hold out testing for a few more days. Be strong!! And hopefully it was just too early to test today.

like.a.gown said...

What do those abbreviations mean?

survivingbaby said...

Hey! I came over from reprojean and am a NC Blogger too. My blog is www.survivingbaby.wordpress.com
My uterus works just fine, it's my genes that have me screwed (on so many levels but mainly a balanced translocation that cause repeated miscarriages - tally is up to 5 - do I get a prize when I get to 10?) Came say "hi" and hear my sad tale of woe (and it's sad...)

Panamahat said...

I see you held out on the testing. Hoping the next post contains a happier acronym. xx