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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

stupid opk

I have yet to master the opk's. My cm and temps are telling me that I am about to ovulate. But the stupid test keeps giving me negative. So I will go to the drugstore today and drop some more money on the tests. I am on CD 16. I usually ovulate around CD 19, but this month I did a round of Clomid. Will this make me ovulate sooner or later? Meanwhile, I feel crummy and not in the mood for love. Last month I o'd on CD 17, but I also had an SHG on CD 10. My last pregnancy I used the OPK and I thought I missed my o b/c I never got a postive OPK, but then I on CD 31 I had a BFP. The test should not be this difficult for me to read. Another I am mad about is cancer. My secretary's mother is dying from cancer. She is riddled with it. This is the third person in the last six months who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Two of my good friend's fathers and now my secretary's mother. It's so awful and sad and frustrating. Damn cancer....

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Kathy V said...

I came her from the l and f page. I took clomid and ovulated regularly on day 15 or so. I had a hard time with opks too. Opks only work at my house if they are brand new. I used them for 10 straight days and when it was the last one in the house I got a slight line change. Good luck to you as you proceed.