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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I want is what I've not got, when what I need is all around me

I'm feeling blue, like I've lost my mojo at work. I need some inspiration to get fired up again.

It's deer season again, which means early mornings and the smell of gunfire.. yeehaw! This time of year, my neighborhood is filled with pickemup trucks, gun racks and 4-wheelers. My dog goes to live with my parents in the city so he doesn't get accidentally shot, or worse purposely shot. My DH hunts, but he is a conscientious hunter in that he hunts for meat not necessarily horns. Although he does dream of mounting a huge 12point head in my living room someday. I truly hope that day never comes. I had to set a limit of the number of horns allowed in one room. As a former vegetarian and a person who really doesn't like guns, I guess it is ironic that I married this hunter gun fanatic. Somehow we make it work, and I really enjoy not having to buy beef.

So here's to deer season, and a freezer full of venison.

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