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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Return of AF and other Uterine Adventures

AF finally made her appearance on CD50. The day after we returned from Portland so at least my vacation/work conference was period free, but full of pregnancy worry.

Yesterday I had a saline sonogram. A resident did my scan, and lucky me it was the same kid who did my u/s to confirm my last pregnancy. So when he walked in he's all smiles, I think I've scanned you before. Yup that would be my last miscarriage... oh well have you had a saline sono before? Yes twice, I know what to expect.

The initial scan of my ovaries was painful, The kid was really pushing the dildo cam up there. Then came the catheter, YEEOWCH!, the kid asks are you ok? WTF? no I'm not ok, but do your g.d. job and get out of my hooha ok.

The scan showed a possible polyp or piece of endometrium flapping around. (Seriously that's what the kid said.). Then they took six vials of blood for a more cardiolipin testing, to see if things have changed.

My plan is to see what Dr. P says about the scan and the blood tests and then decide about doing the immune testing. Right now I'm 95% sure I will do the immune testing. The thing is the tests will cost about $1000 up front, insurance coverage is really questionable. My dh and I have not talked about him having a semen analysis yet. I told him about it after my phone consult with SIRM, and he said ok, but we haven't discussed the whole plan yet. But ultimately I think the immune testing will give me some sort direction as to what if anything we do next. Here is the the other thing, I'm kind of nervous to tell Dr. P about talking with SIRM. I'm afraid he'll get mad or something. I know that is stupid, but I like Dr. P and even if I get treated by SIRM I might still need him as an RE. I know this is silly, but I feel like I've been cheating on him somehow. I just want Dr. P to stay on my side even though I may seek treatment or tests for something he doesn't see as valid. Anyway I plan to talk to him about it when we go over the test results.

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Grad3 said...

You know that I felt the same way when I went to find RE #2? And then like a heathen when I asked for a recommendation to talk to someone about immune testing... (sigh). Things are hard enough...

On a more cheerful side I nominated you on my blog for an award so when you are up to it check it out (should post tomorrow...) ~Hugs~