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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new name

This blog needs a new name. Although we are approaching a new year, my ute is no longer newly remodeled and in fact has reverted to it's old piece of shit ways. So I think for my sanity I need a new blog name. Any suggestions?

Thinking about the new year, and how I always say this year will be better than last, and since 2005 it has not. Then I read this post by Panamahat at Solo trekking through recurrent miscarriage.

"Next year WILL be better. Because I am changing my focus, my intent, my attitude. I will not be trying to make babies in 2009, I will be re-creating myself. Concentrating on thoughts and actions that fulfil me, instead of dwelling on absence and lack. Giving myself over to the here and now instead of the imaginary future I thought I was entitled to. And if I can have one year free of pregnancy loss it will be the most enormous gift I could think of."

This screams at me, wake up you dolt! This is what I must do. Thankyou Panamahat you have inspired me. Open your eyes live now, I am blessed in so many ways. I need to recognize that and revel in the many things that are wonderful in my life.


Panamahat said...

I feel so honoured, I don't know what to say. Thank you for reading my blog, and especially thank you for commenting because now I have found you and can read YOUR blog. I'm not around until mid Jan, but you bet I'll be stalking you when I return. I see I have a few posts to catch up on and some major pregnancy loss history to closely match my own.

We can re-create ourselves together!

Grad3 said...

I have been pondering something similar. It's amazing what a new focus can bring to your life. I hope that your new lens brings brighter colors.

As always, thank you for stopping by my blog and offering your support. There is always something reassuring about your words that comfort me most.

As for blog title how about--- I get the the crown, you get the septor ;) Or on a more sincere note--- Same Ute But Still Filled. Something that relates to things being the same but not. Does that make sense? Can't wait to see what you come up with!! ~Hugs~

Grad3 said...

Thank you for being indignant for me... Hugs

like.a.gown said...

by Wendell Berry

I would not have been a poet
except that I have been in love
alive in this mortal world,
or an essayist except that I
have been bewildered and afraid,
or a storyteller had I not heard
stories passing to me through the air,
or a writer at all except
I have been wakeful at night
and words have come to me
out of their deep caves
needing to be remembered.
But on the days I am lucky
or blessed, I am silent.
I go into the one body
that two make in making marriage
that for all our trying, all
our deaf-and-dumb of speech,
has no tongue. Or I give myself
to gravity, light, and air
and am carried back
to solitary work in fields
and woods, where my hands
rest upon a world unnamed,
complete, unanswerable, and final
as our daily bread and meat.
The way of love leads all ways
to life beyond words, silent
and secret. To serve that triumph
I have done all the rest.

"VII" from the poem "1994" by Wendell Berry, from A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems 1979-1997.

the misfit said...

Aw...I really liked "New Year, New Ute!" I picked this blog to comment on from the ICLW list today because of the name. But if you need a new ute status for your new ute year, of course, that's what you need to do.