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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sometimes the ignorance and blatant prejudices of my work place make me want to SCREAM!!! I realize that I live in a small town in the South and liberalism is not the norm, however for people who are so eager to tout their religion there seems to be a lot of hate out there. I work for an organization that has a disclaimer on every piece of paper about how we are an equal employment opportunity organization and we do not discriminate on race, sex, religion, or sexual preference. But that is a load of crap, b/c if your sexual preference is not the majority you better not be out with it when applying for a job. A qualified candidate will not be interviewed b/c it is known he is gay. Now no one has asked him that out right nor was it indicated on his application. He is known as a "friend" of a client who comes in regularly who is openly gay. What makes me more angry is that we are interviewing a less qualified candidate over this guy. Now my boss does not say we are not interviewing him b/c he is gay, but it's because of his experience. Excuse me how can a man with a Masters and 20 years experience not be more qualified than a man who hasn't even finished his BS yet and is only 22. WTF? I swear if I ever have a child I will raise him or her to be open minded and accepting if it kills me. I will have an uphill battle with the crap that goes on in the schools and my crazy in-laws. I am so mad.

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